Solved Projects

Activities of distinctively research character that TGM WRI, p.r.i., preforms are related primarily to the core activities of the Institute listed in the deed of foundation of the public research institution. In a field of additional and other activities the expert work, the aim of which is the application of research outcomes for various users of public and noncommercial sphere, is performed. In this field TGM WRI, p.r.i., provides support to the state administration and carries out other tasks pursued within the Ministry of the Environment chapter. Scientific tasks are investigated within the frame of the projects announced by several funding providers.

The outcomes of research and other professional outputs are evaluated according to the governmental research and development evaluation methodology, and are published in international and Czech peer-reviewed journals.

Although most of the projects are solved by research teams composed of staff of several departments (multiple departments of one branch or several branches), the records of these projects (tasks), kept in HEIS VUV, are tied to the principal researcher and a research branch, in which he is employed. The same principle applies if the project is further divided into sub-projects (subtasks) within the Institute.

Internal Register of these tasks and their outputs is kept for every reference year of solving of these tasks (subtasks), and contains information such as e.g. principal researcher, branch, researchers, date of task's start, date of task's end, annotation (abstract), archive of outputs and archive of data sets. These outputs and data sets are of different availability level (e.g. Researcher, HEIS VUV – Publicly available, HEIS VUV – Only to intranet users available, HEIS VUV – Selected branches, Contractor, Other). Regarding the data collection system, tasks and subtasks are of equal importance level (extent of data collected is the same).

Links to some separate websites of the solved projects are available on WRI HEIS website homepage.

In subsequent part of the Czech version of this page, the search for data kept in the register mentioned above is available. These data are kept in Czech language only.